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The lady in Pink

My friends call me Kim Pink. I mean is there really any other colour?

I live in Cape Town with my family, 3 dogs, fish and many wild birds who visit us so regularly that many visitors think they are our pets. I can’t remember a time in my life that I have been far away from either my sewing machine or a set of paints and brushes. I am driven to be creative probably like an athlete is driven to exercise.

I am constantly running images through head expanding on them, enhancing their colours and then laying them on paper.

I draw a great deal of inspiration from memories of my childhood. Pet mice and bunnies, Summer days and always copious quantities of tea which I drank with my precious gran who instilled the love of all things creative, deep inside my heart.

The desire of my heart is that my art will uplift someone’s spirts and bring a smile to their lips, then I believe my job is done.

"I am an artist
I also love to sew
I paint I stitch,
I dream and think in colour
I live to create
I give God thanks in all things."

Kim Pink

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